Public Safety:

The city of Redmond has a Good Neighborhood Policy.

One of the major factors to help move this policy forward is the excellent work of the City Police Dept. Safe Neighborhoods are instrumental in having a family friendly city.


I will NOT support any effort to defund our Police Dept. I will SUPPORT any effort to increase funding for our Police Dept.

Affordable Housing: 

The City of Redmond, via the Planning Commission, has completed a 20 year Housing Needs Analysis in 2019 pursuant to HB 2001. The planning commission has made updates to Chapter 8 of the City’s Development Code to comply with requirements of HB 2001. State Representative Jack Zika was instrumental in this process and I want to note his involvement. 

The City of Redmond has been selected for a pilot project under HB 2336, in this effort to provide low income housing. The 40 acre site is called Skyline Village and is located on the NE side of Redmond. This site will provide 485 additional housing units. The 40 acres for this project was donated by our Deschutes County Commissioners.

Cottage homes, duplexes, quadplexes, townhomes and mixed use employment areas will be part of this plan. These units are designed to comply with the requirements of HB 2001. 


I fully SUPPORT all efforts to bring the City of Redmond in compliance with HB 2001 and will work to

provide affordable housing for all residents.


The City of Redmond has been proactive in planning infrastructure improvements. 


The importance of an adequate infrastructure prior to any UGB expansion, in-fill or redevelopment plans in the city is crucial. 


Good roads, viable water supply, waste water treatment facilities, power supply needs and communication upgrades are required in order to implement future expansion based on the Housing Needs Analysis done in 2019. 


I fully SUPPORT all efforts by the City of Redmond in this endeavor.